I wanted to start off by saying thank you to everyone who offered support and useful advice on this diorama piece. I have taken on board what people have said and as such I have started to make my own pine trees (using stuff I bought about 5 years ago for that very thing).

So, as I said, I decided to make some pine trees, or at least start making some pine trees using some coconut matting planters that I bought for a quid each in Poundland. These vary n thickness and also in glueness some bits are like solid frisbees and other bits falling apart, but it is indeed true.. ‘You get what you pay for’.

So here we have three ‘trees’, it was definitely worth doing as it gave me a bit of a chance to be a bit artistic and also they will probably look better than the cake decorations. Now I do actually possess the Woodland Scenic conifer and deciduous tree armatures, but to be honest these were probably more fun to do…

The one on the right actually looks weird in this photo, it looks like the rest in real life.

Once the glue is dry then I will give the extraneous bits a trim and then hopefully get some paint onto them, followed by some form of flock.

I also managed to produce enough crappy bits to make some form of bushes, to me they look a bit like gorse or bramble, either way with some spray glue and a paint/flock combo then they will probably look ok.

I gave the terrain another blast of watered down PVA tonight to ensure everything is sealed. Tomorrow I make more trees…

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