Tonight was another slow evening waiting for things to dry, I tried a bit of painting, but to be honest my mind and body weren’t up to it.

So anyway, I got as many static grass tufts out as I could find and shoved them randomly onto the board to try and make it look a bit more moorlandy, or should that be more moorlandesque?

As you can see the glue hasn’t dried yet, the other thing that is noticeable is that I have shoved some trees on. I got these years ago for about 10p each, I think i got fifteen for a quid something like that. Anyway these are cake decorating trees for the average Christmas cake, but as I found them when I was looking for tufts, I thought I would shove them on and to be honest I don’t think they look too bad.

I would appreciate some comments from others as they aren’t exactly the most accurate trees around (all the same size for a start). I do think that they give the board a bit more verticality, so therefore a bit more interest.

This is what it looked like before I shoved the tufts on….

I have soaked everything in diluted PVA to seal the bits down. Tomorrow I hope to get the mud areas painted and then hopefully get some animals done to actually go on the thing… perhaps I should have got them sprayed at the weekend when the weather was dry!

I might even go down the sand colour and dry brush route on them to save having to wait for the weekend.

One thing I must remember to do is get some pins into the rhino. I am not sure whether or not I will manage it with the wolves… wish me luck!

18 thoughts on “Further Work on the Vegetation

  1. Looking good Steve but the thing is you can’t rush a diorama. The trees look pretty good to me and because the landscape height varies and the trees aren’t all together I think you’ve got away with it. I think what will have greater relevance is how they line up with the animals when it comes to scale. That said all trees have to grow. 🙂

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  2. Ok Steve this is what would happen to me! Hey Infant do you like the dio! reply Oh F… what the hell are those crappy trees doing on there! they look like the belong on a Xmas cake! get them off !! Why on earth don’t you use the trees that TIM showed you how to make !!Then the trees would ,and I mean would have been confiscated!!
    Dave is right when he says the placement is good and I agree and when he says you cant rush one ,that means stopping and making the right trees. you have done so well on the rest of the show why would you go for average when with a little time and effort you hit brilliant!
    So do yourself a favour while the dio is drying out and you working on the beasties and check out Daves post on making wire trees, mate I swear by them ! Cheers mate!

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  3. I missed what Miko said until I read Johns comment about what he said about a bit of dry brushing if you haven’t the time that makes sense but further down the track I would like you to have ago at making some as I cam see a great diorama modeller in the making!

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  4. Nice work. The trees do look a bit ‘Christmas cake-y’ but the animals should draw the attention anyway so perhaps it won’t matter once you’re finished. I also have to admit that I prefer the bleaker landscape without the flock. I’m really enjoying seeing your work-in-progress posts on this.

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  5. The trees look pretty good from the pictures you shared though if you zoom in a bit further for future pictures, we may be able to better assess them. I would say that the bright green tufts don’t quite blend in with the rest of the turf and tufts you’re using. Fortunately, I think if you drybrush the tips of all of the tufts (not just the lightest colored ones) a bone color, it will tie them all together nicely.

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