Well, that was a bit of a worrying day regarding this thing. The stuff I covered the groundwork with yesterday was the fast acting basing glue and as such it didn’t dry. Thankfully flock was going over the top so it was saved. I added a lot more of the basin glue to make sure it was stuck down.

The dark bit in the foreground is where the rhino are going to be. I will paint this in to make it look more muddy as if they have been going at it for a while.

Initially I was going to have trees, but I kind of forgot, so this one will have bushes instead.

Hopefully I will get the animals sorted soon and start getting them added to the scene.

9 thoughts on “Onto the Grasslands

  1. Mate the boys are right it has come up so well, as John has said it has that rough lookteve ,I would be very happy to turn out a base as good as this, looking forward to seeing the rhino.

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