This evening I touched up the sides a bit and covered as much white as I could find. I then decided to get the rocks done.

It’s a bit shiny at the minute as I covered it in PVA to give it a bit of protection. Unfortunately My fingers were a bit tacky when I touched the rocks at the back and I managed to peel the paint off them. When everything has dried then I will get them recovered and then protected too.

The rocks actually look better in real life…honest.

So tomorrow, I will try and get some vegetation down, so wish me luck. Not sure how it is going to look yet, I definitely don’t want winter and snow, so it is what to choose out of the remaining three 😂

8 thoughts on “Working on the Rocks

    1. Cheers mate, I painted them using washes. I started with yellow and army painter soft tome etc just throwing them on. I then added various other browns, the odd bit of green then finish with a watered down black wash.


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