Tonight I remembered to take the wolves off the print plate. They were finished at 23.00 last night and only came of at 19.00 this evening. They don’t seem to have come to any harm though.

So I ended up with five wolves and they are in three different poses…

So this was going to be my rough plan, then Eloth suggested that I used the one turning and this came about…

I think I like the composition of the two adults trying to protect the youngster, however there is a dead, sleeping calf in the set, I might see about getting that printed.

The next thing I will need to do is get some kind of base board sorted to see how big it will need to be to fit things on.

6 thoughts on “Wolf Pack

  1. This is a great little scene and looks very realistic/believable to me. It seems like the resin prints are giving you great flexibility for creating a diorama like this which is excellent.

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