Tonight I started printing a pack of wolves for the diorama idea. I will print off the rhino tomorrow, but basically it is going to have about four or five wolves and a pair of rhino, with one being a calf.

I kind of mocked it up a bit using some bits and pieces I had lying around…

Voila…. finished

It is not going to be a snowy scene, but further into the summer as the calf has been born. I will have them near a water hole and Mum is trying to protect the calf from the wolves….

High quality artistry here!

I have a couple of options for the adult rhino. One is the above one, other option is the first one I ever printed with the head turning, there is also a ‘leaping’ one which I don’t think would work. I want more of a stand off than a charge.

I have mirrored and fiddled with the size of the wolf that looks like it is slinking, this will allow them to circle the pair in the middle.

I will see how I get on with this idea as I have bucket loads to paint and make, but I do like building terrain so it might just be fun.

I managed to finish the rhino tonight and had a fiddle with a Wolf’s colouring…

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