Today I got nothing painted, I intended to get something done, but the holes in the bases were annoying me so I spent a good while looking for my magnets and or some Greenstuff. The magnets were found first.

I also got the printer to co-operate eventually and managed to print some wolves and some chickens along with a hunter that I evidently forgot about…

As you can see, I ran out of Green resin and moved onto the grey, which, to be honest, I much prefer.

When the Kickstarter arrived it was unsupported and I was doing it all myself, somehow I missed a message to say that everything is now pre supported. I must have dropped it into the archive by accident on the tablet. Printing these should be a bit easier now (that is if the printer co-operates). It should avoid a wolf with half a tail or a goat with half a chin.

I am printing another mammoth right now. It should be ready by tomorrow morning.

Weather has been torrential rain today so nothing got undercoated, there is more of the same due tomorrow with strong winds too. My conservatory still has a bloody leak too. I am now at my wits end trying to work out where the heck it is coming from. That’s the problem with water, it can come from just about anywhere!

13 thoughts on “Wolves, Hens and a Man with a Spear

  1. I’ve printed with filament in many colors, but I always come back to grey, looks like the resin would be the same if I ever ventured down that path!

    And leaks are a major pain in the ass! Good luck finding it.

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