Well I managed to get these nearly to completion tonight.

They were really nice miniatures to paint and didn’t take too long really.

As you can see, the rhino have had a bit of work too.

Now I learned a little fact this evening. By all accounts, the only way you could get leave from the Napoleonic French Army was for, wait for it… Homesickness… yup the urge to go home, except it wasn’t called Homesickness back then… it was called nostalgia (a bit like other conditions with algia on the end). They spent a lot of time and effort trying to work out what it was and to also stop it as it was a serious medical condition.My good lady came across this snippet while reading some articles from the Welcome Institute… you can have a read here…https://wellcomecollection.org/articles/X3L9vxEAACEAoOIt

Hopefully tomorrow I will crack on with the Wraiths, I am still unsure what colours to do them, hopefully inspiration will arrive by then.

7 thoughts on “River Maiden and the Hobbit

  1. Nice work on these, really cute (I mean that in a glowing way) and the article was interesting too. Though when nostalgia is mentioned in conjunction with the ‘90’s, I realize I am getting way older than I feel…😁

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  2. Wow Steve please give your dear wife a big hug from me !! The article about homesickness is really big in our family ,probably because we have to travel a long way to get back and visit our roots, Ill tell more later! Oh and my(Your ) rhinos look really good!!

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