Or other such useful phrases…

Today I got a fair old bit done around the house. My wife needed an Ethernet cable put out into the shed and I managed to get one dug out there, I also washed dishes, made meals and was generally a busy bee…but to be honest it just about finished me off. I probably pushed myself a bit too much and paid the price of feeling wrecked.

I did however manage to get some painting done this evening, these are starting to look a bit more finished now

The other thing I did was to get the first of my Rampart Kickstarter minis printed…

Now unfortunately his horns detached and one of his legs thought about falling off, I reckon it is just getting too cold out there at the minute. I will have to build another insulation box to allow it to print when the temperature drops.

These are true 28mm miniatures so will look small compared to the other printed stuff I have. I sadly cannot get hold of all of my files as they were downloaded using a subscription zip program. I got a free month but now I want to print them I cannot actually unzip them which is a right pain in the arse to be honest. My own fault though as I should have unzipped them as soon as I got them.

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