This evening one of the lads at the club mentioned his pirate miniatures, we got chatting about out FIW project that never got off the ground. He put a photo up of his painted British Forces…

A nice little skirmish force

So I thought I would see what I had and what I still had to do… I do wonder about my common sense I really do… so this is my French force…

In the bag are 30 woodland tribes miniatures and Canadian militia and then I have another 30 painted Indian Forces too…so what do I do… think oooh I need some cavalry and possibly some Grenadiers…

I am seriously losing the plot… I really am!

Anyway the rules I fancy having a go with are these ones I bought a good while ago now.

5 thoughts on “Forgotten Forces Friday

  1. Just embrace the hobby butterfly. I have a endless list of projects that tapered out in varying stages of completeness. Being responsible and finishing what you start is for your job, your family, your real life. This is a hobby and you can treat it as such.

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