Tonight I had a whole load of marking, so didn’t really get as much done as I would have wanted. On the up side my daughter helped out so that speeded things up greatly. Last night I set the printer away to do three miniatures. Gandalf, Frodo and Good ol’ Sam… they have come out rather nicely.

Please ignore the suspicious white powder (my cocaine as the kids are now calling it) it is however baking soda, as I couldn’t be bothered to wait for the superglue to set. I also printed the little cat on the centre base. The other miniatures are the ones I printed a few weeks ago and printed the bases yesterday.

I did start painting my Daimyo and retinue, but forgot to photograph it. And finally I gave an old miniature a right good clean and got the majority of the paint off it. He is one of the GW vampire knights from about 20 years ago. I thought it was time to give home a new paint job, I have considered redoing my Mordheim gangs. I have the rules and a large number of miniatures so was thinking it might actually be fun.

And finally, why is it when you go to bed early then things like this appear!

6 thoughts on “A Bit More Printing

  1. Wow, you’re doing lines of baking soda now? You Shetlanders really know how to party! Very curious to see what you do with Mordheim, it’s a game I really missed out on the first time around but I’ve always been curious about it. Oh and great photo – it’s early in the year for the northern lights surely?


    1. Cheers mate, my dirty habit is now out there 😉I loved Mordheim and we played it for years. Probably one campaign last almost a year. My vampire survived all battles and increased massively in skills, but didn’t once get a single stat increase. It was quite funny as he ended surviving every game and losing whole hosts of his followers only to raise the dead and be back next game with more. Northern lights have been a bit busy of late, we are certainly getting into that time of year as it is now dark,

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