This evening I got nothing done, apart from some more slicing of the fellowship and the cleaning up of the dark rider from yesterday.

Regarding him, this updated print is complete, I was going to spend ages make a rein and had for some plastic rod bent and glued on, but to be honest I was going to struggle to get it done as well as I would like and then I would dislike the miniature 🥴

The other miniature is my vampire from Mordheim. If I remember correctly he was a Blood Dragon. I went for my own Warband than the ready made one that they sold at the time. I purchased the necromancer and dregs separately and made up my zombies out of the plastic sprues. I will take some photos tomorrow. To be honest the metal miniatures really need an update so I might give them an ISO Bath this weekend to get the paint off them and start fresh.

Now last night I was bemoaning my inability to take any photos of the Northern Lights as I went to bed early. This is one of my ones from last year. The red glow is Mount doom (aka the flare off at Sullom Voe).

This was taken just outside the house, so as you can see I don’t have to travel too far to see them 😉.

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