“Lazy Sod!” I hear you cry, however it was my good lady’s birthday today, so we got a take away and scoffed a very awesome Indian meal. Followed by laying about going “Urrrggghhh I ate too much!” However before collecting said meal I messed around in 3D builder chopping up a Kabuto helmet. I have only had it for about 5 months, better late than never I suppose.

As it is full sized it really needed a lot of chopping up, but I. Got there in the end. The neck guard is in strips, each of which is going to take 15 hours plus. The left and right helmet base a day and four hours each and then the helmet bowl in two bits will take another 16 hours plus each. I forgot to note the weight of it all.

It is pretty customisable, with various crests and accoutrements a available.

The helmet bowl itself has a few variants…

I believe that I am going to swear a lot making this, but I reckon the finished product will look pretty good…

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