Eventually, after a lot of procrastinating, I managed to build my rural houses in 3D builder and shrink them down to an appropriate size for 6mm.

They were super tricky to build on the computer, but I managed. A huge well done to 3DAlienWorlds as the files were so good that it allowed me to do it. I did have to set about the fences with a mini blow torch to get rid of a lot of the stringing, but Success!

Ready for an undercoat.

These were printed at 0.2 layer height so basically draft quality, I am doing another pair right now, but being me I forgot to change the layer height.

Now the extremely weird thing is that I added doors and window shutters… as you can see, they disappeared! The only thing I can think of is that I forgot to merge them into the walls, therefore when I moved the buildings about the build plate the doors remained off the plate. This would explain why they were showing the size as being 4500%. Somewhere there is a door lurking 😂.

I haven’t managed painting tonight as I spent ages faffing on with building the houses electronically. I reckoned that trying to stick all the bits together with superglue at this size was just asking for trouble.

My plan is to do a few more of these as well as some with wooden roofs. I will also try the rice store and the well.

I really am having to fight the urge to purchase the castle walls, towers and gate house from 3DAlienWorlds. They are pretty awesome and would be used for skirmish gaming in 15mm. I know I am going to get them, but as I have spent a fair bit on toys recently, then I had better be a good boy and hold off for a while.

As we finished the adventure in the One Ring yesterday, we are going to do some Starship Troopers next. I think I will be building some bugs pretty soon. On Saturday we are going to be making characters and then onto playing next week.

4 thoughts on “Honey I Shrunk the Village

  1. My guess is that the doors are just too darn thin at that scale. At 28mm scale they’re only 2mm thick, so at 25% of that your slicer software is probably deciding they’re unprintable. You might want to try doubling the thickness, before sticking them into your model in 3D Builder and printing?

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