Today, I mostly spent on building the conservatory, after shopping and helping out my mother in law to chop down branches the. To be Frank I was absolutely buggered. I then had to inform my line manager that one of my staff was going for a Covid test… all in all a busy day.

I did however manage to print off some spectres from the Patreon I just supported… These are great as they are pre supported.

I also gave the wash and cure station a go….

The biggest problem I have with it is that There isn’t a way to fasten the build plate onto the support arm, for this first run through I ran the cleaner for about 12 minutes and the curing for about 18. I will stick the models outside tomorrow, just in case they need a bit more curing.

5 thoughts on “Spectres on the Prowl

    1. Hi Pete, apologies, meant to reply earlier. The resin one is certainly a bit more time consuming, but slowly and surely I think I am getting better. I won’t be getting the green again as it is a swine to spot mistakes or to photograph for that matter.

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  1. Looks good. Remember to remove that protective covering sticker from the spinning platform you use for curing – that had me baffled for a bit! I didn’t realize that the Zero has a different build plate setup than the Photons – you could just rig it with a simple bolt/wingnut kind of solution, so you could attach the whole plate to the cleaner?

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