I decided to fire the printer up today and printed myself some Ancient galleys on the filament Printer. I did two of the larger ones and two of the smaller ones.

I stuck them next to some 6mm Baccus miniatures to give you an idea of scale. Part of me is now wondering whether or not to give an actual 1:300 scale version and the get some miniatures to go with them. Actually have marines on the decks etc. The one thing that is missing on these is the Corvus. Okay these were only on Roman vessels and for not that long, but they would look cool.

The other thing I did today was to get the castle sprayed. Funnily enough, today one of my Facebook groups shared a YouTube video all about Samurai castles…Samurai Castles

I now have to decide whether to go for black or white walls…

4 thoughts on “Ships and A Castle

  1. I’m with Pete on the castle walls, given the small scale of the model! 🙂 Does look good! I like the ships – I think I’d try painting one at that size and see how it looks and I’d imagine a corvus is easy enough to add where required!

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