So tonight I decided to get some paint on the castle. Not very Mapuche but at least it is a start…

As you can see, I went for white. It will really make it stand out. Black would have looked cool, but this way it will be a striking centrepiece. For the roofs I am going to go blue instead of red that I usually do for the tiles. There is also going to be a fair bit of gold as well.

The other thing, apart from rehanging the conservatory door, was to get the spectre bases printed, well actually cleaned as I printed them yesterday. What with one thing and another I never actually managed to get it done last night.

This cleaning thing certainly gets the old water spinning. I used water with detergent in as I was a bit short of ISO. So I shoved the bases in here and gave it 18 minutes of swooshing about. Naively I took the scalpel to the bases to remove them from the the plate after the cleaning. The hollow parts spewed liquid resin all over the place… In my naive little mind they were built up in layers starting from the bottom working up, I don’t know where I thought the liquid resin on the inside was going to escape from. Somehow, I failed to comprehend the fact that I was washing the liquid resin off the outside, so perhaps I should of considered the inside too..but hey after a long day… who knows where my solitary brain cell was hiding. hopefully I won’t do that again!

The spectres do look rather snazzy on their bases… I really like the one floating around the cairn. Part of me wants to paint up the cairn in greys and browns, dry brush the spectre so that some of the green still shows through and then add a flickering LED into the hollow cairn so that there is an ethereal glow from the ghost. But we all know I will never, ever, ever get around to it 😂

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