Yesterday I managed to get to a year (365 days) of posting every day. In the past year I have managed to post about 380 times. So much for my blog not lasting more than a couple of weeks.

It has now become a habit, sometimes I don’t have much to say but on the whole I can find something to witter on about. So where do I go from here, you may or not be happy to know that I intend to rabbit on for a bit longer yet.

So in my excitement I decided to purchase a new vehicle… it does need some parts, but I reckon I will get there eventually…

On a totally different note… someone has stolen the golden orb in the sky… yes it’s only 23.30 and it has gone dark outside, what the heck is going on!

15 thoughts on “Blogging Milestone

  1. 365 days in a row is an amazing accomplishment that you should be proud of. Do you see yourself making it another 365 without taking a day off? I reckon if anybody can do it, it would be you!

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  2. Wow, that’s a pretty heroic amount of blogging, especially since each post actually did have an update rather than just being a load of filler. I’m not sure I have 365 posts in total! Well done.

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