So after owning these tiles for about 3 months I eventually decided to make a start on them. I am going to do one of each (I think) I will then write the tile number in the back with Sharpies and the. I will have a reference to work to as well as having something to play with.

So here we have six river tiles and six plains tiles (plus the three original test ones). I stuck some stuff 6mm miniatures on to give you a sense of scale. I am quite pleased with them. These are not a quick print. Each of these sets of six took about 8 hours 40 minutes to print. The woods are going to be over 12 and the mountains 14.

Here we have a close up…

Still not sure what I am going to use these for, but based on the 6mm miniatures then I think I have found my counters for whatever campaigns I use. If a desert version ever comes out it will be used for my Sudan campaigns.

I think I will print all I need and then paint them so that they all look similar rather than having mix and match. The upside is that they will look the same, the down side is it will be a mammoth painting mountain…

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