Today may Irregular order came…yippeee, and I never finished my undead…boooo! The box was massive, compared to what I am used to – who cares, it had metal goodies inside…

On the left a Khmer army complete with hefalumps and on the right various packs of civilians, some Ikko Ikki monks and Nobori holders and then a Samurai hero set. The last two are to make command units for my army.

Sadly I was too knackered to paint much tonight and it was the tedious painting of weapons that finished me off.

These still have a long way to go, but the horrible bit (or one of the horrible bits) is over. Next up shields and metalwork.

Today we made another step closer to being a true Shetlander 😂. Yes indeed, we have now built a hen run covered in a trawl net. Clobbering in a pile of fencing posts didn’t do my wrists much good.

We have been asked to bake for Sunday Teas, dug our own peat (cast as they call it up here), sat on a hall committee. We are certainly ticking things off our list. If I ever get invited onto a fire festival squad then I know I will have made it 😂😂😂.

The cockerel was lovely last year, but this year he has matured and is now going for the kids, hence the need to keep him in a fully enclosed run. We have him and three hens, so this is plenty big enough for them. It is about 6 metres by 4 metres. They will also be let out too, this is until he calms down.

3 thoughts on “Big, Teeny Tiny Parcels, Undead and Chickens

  1. Nice little figures mate, they are tiny! Question< no what peat is but why are you digging it up, do you use it for fire fuel ?
    I didn't know much about roosters as dad wouldn't have them on the farm when I was a kid but I certainly learnt about them when I worked on the farm in the UK ,they had a bloody rascal of one that would sneak up on you when in the barn and peck you on the back of the leg! I think I spent a lot of time trying to kill the little bugger!

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    1. Cheers Pete, peat is indeed a fuel for the fire.if it was left for millions of years it would turn into coal. It forms at about a metre every thousand years, so my peat bank I am going down about 2000 years. People do find things in the Peat, sometimes bodies. The Gunnister man is such a find…

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