By definition halflings are small, so as you can imagine 1:300 scale halflings are very small indeed.

These were sprayed yesterday so had 24 plus hours to cure. I decided to make them colourful as befits a halfling force. Still a good old bit to do but getting there.

I got an email from Irregular today to say that my parcel was on its way. Now that is a pretty speedy turnaround considering I ordered it on the 4th July and today is the 6th.

That reminds me, tomorrow I can celebrate by getting my Birthday present of more of the Battle Valour Samurai bits and pieces. My mate Martin let me know that they had come into his the country…so I managed to get them before they went onto the online store. I thought they would make a fitting pressie… prepare to be bored by photos of them tomorrow 😂.

Today was a day of ups and downs. Our cat of nearly 15 had to go to the vet and we actually thought we might not be brining him home, but luckily the new Vet decided to do some bloods and gave him a once over and we still have him. He is probably going blind and he has a heart murmur, not to mention a kidney problem… she reckons he has got a bit more time in him yet…but considering when we got him at two weeks old (he had been abandoned) and hand reared him, we didn’t think he would make it through the night as he had been fed cows milk by the lady who found him, after he had been left for a fair old while. He was covered in crap and was a pooh brown colour, it was only when we bathed him that we realised that he was black and white…There were seven in the litter and he had outlasted them all, which considering he was the runt is pretty impressive.

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