Tonight I started on the samurai infantry. Again I went for the different coloured armour. Part of me thinks they are a bit bright, but with all of the white bits showing too then they aren’t exactly looking the best. The other thing I did was paint the undercoat in for all of the flesh on the cavalry

The other thing I think is the problem is that there is a lot of solid colour without a break. Once I add weapons and flesh etc it should look better… I hope 🤞

It was a nice day today so we went just over the hill to Catfirth. The kids went for a paddle and err, as you can see it progressed a bit…

Please note, the pile of clothes, by time we remembered, they were somewhat damp and my daughter’s leggings floated away! Not a bad place to live really!

5 thoughts on “Sengoku Jidai..Further work

  1. I love what Pete said !! swim in the sea in the UK ,you’d have to be a hardy beast to do that I say!! (kids are exempt as they are impervious to pain whilst it involves fun!!)

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