As my Samurai army were already undercoated white I decided I would make a start on them.

I really hummed and hawed about colours, and in the end I decided that the samurai were going to be different colours. In my 15mm army I did three coloured clans. This time there would be lots of variation across the miniatures. For some reason I decided to start on the cavalry. Most of the horses are bay or chestnut, with a smattering of black and other colours too.

This is them looking a bit untidy as I just went for it, I will paint in faces, hands and weapons in later on. I have decided they will all have a black sashimono to tie them all in together. I haven’t decided on the mon yet,but it will more than likely be a dot!

The Ashigaru are my next problem… do I go all coloured natural browns and greens etc. Or do I go for a single clan colour… I will have to think on that one.

While I remember one of the ‘elf’ bases sneaked in for a white undercoat and they are very obviously skeletons with the undercoat on.

I gave them a quick blast with skeleton bone as well as grey for the cloak. I actually think they will look fine.

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