So those of you who have read my blog regularly will know I love my Ender 3 Printer. Yes it has Wobblies every so often and I have to take it apart and put it back together again once in a while. But I have now had it 18 months and it is still pretty much as it came (apart from a new bed plate and also an aluminium extruded.

Yesterday I took a next step on my journey and pressed ‘purchase’ on a resin printer. Will I be getting rid of the Ender? Hell No. it would be like getting rid of your old dog because you got a new puppy!

So I am now preparing for another learning curve. The interesting thing about the resin printer is that height determines the time of the build. So printing one thing takes the same amount of time as ten, if they are all on the plate together. The down side with resin is the fumes, so I will have

to think of where to put the printer. Probably my toy shed. It was originally set up for me to do things in, so it will probably work in there… just a long way to walk…

So after much backwards and forwards between brands I eventually went for the Proton Zero, cheapest of the ones I was looking at.

Tonight I even painted some things…

I decided that all of my Ashigaru would be employed by the same daimyo therefore they would be all wearing the same coloured armour. The samurai would all be wearing their own clan armour so they can be more colourful. The one thing I like about the Banzai rules is that the edges to the bases are different colours to help with weapon and troop type identification.

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