Tonight I did a lot more slicing as well as redoing bits and bobs for the Japanese themed villages. I have put four paddy fields together and filled them with rice in 3D builder.

The other thing I did tonight was to get the rocks repainted. Thankfully they look more like a base rock colour now rather than RAF blue.

I also replaced the fluid in the sonic cleaner… before and after photos follow…

And Dirty,.. I honestly didn’t pour coffee in here, or have an accident in it either!

The other news on the printing front is that the roads STL’s have been downloaded. I will do some test prints tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Ponds with improved Rocks

    1. Not quite sure to be honest Mark. Some paint is coming off and other bits won’t budge. I cannot get any paint off the 6mm Samurai at all. So I will just spray over the top of them. From what I remember I painted them in washes and inks over a white undercoat, so maybe that is why

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