Today has been spent printing more bits and bobs for my mates birthday on Friday. The miniatures haven’t arrived yet so I will need to get these sorted ASAP.

None of these are glued yet!

This will be his small farm. I still have the shrine base to do, but as I am nearly out of filament on this roll then I will need to put a new one on first to print it out.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get the gaps filled on these and get them sprayed on Thursday. I thought I would point out that the gaps are there as I seem to have a bit of a warped bed. Sometimes they appear when I print in different places. It could simply be that the bed has become a little thinner in those places leading to the wonk.

8 thoughts on “Birthday Buildings

  1. These will look really cool on a little tile once painted and flocked. I really enjoy seeing all of the aspects of this project. It is inspirational and something I’d love to try and do one day!

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