So today I set the printer running to get some terrain done for my mates birthday. I decided to do him a big pond. Thankfully at about the 2hour mark I checked on the print and the front end was starting to lift. Luckily the blue tape was handy and I had enough to fasten it to too. For some reason the front of the print plate seemed to have dropped a bit. Hence the problems. It still looks okay so once I get it onto something flat then I will fill in the gap. Luckily it is where the stones are at the bottom of this image so it is hard to actually see from the top.

I printed out the accessories too and made a smaller torii gate.

My PLA order arrived today too…

It should keep me busy for a while.

I printed off some fences, another well and a Buddha to build a mini shrine for him. I will also do him a couple of farm houses too.

7 thoughts on “Torii and a Pond

    1. At the rate I am going right now…it will last a couple of months. I never really work out how long it will last, I just get another so that I have always have a spare. I actually think that I have my spare already so I have four in total.

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      1. I generally use it to the end of a roll.if I think I won’t have enough I heat up the nozzle to about 80 degrees and do a cold pull. Put the new one in and then store the remains with silica pouches to keep it dry.

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  1. Ah that sounds handy. I’ve a couple of ends that are not much good for anything over an hour- will keep hold of them. Have you ever had any success swapping filament mid print. I’ve seen it done on video… not tried it myself.



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