Today I was busy quite a bit, but the printer was a bit busy too!

Free Map tiles from the Kickstarter

I decided to download the free test map tiles from the Kickstarter. There are actually four on their but the fourth didn’t interest me. To be honest the castle doesn’t too, but I decided to give it a go.

These interlock quite nicely and are about 60mm across. I am very excited to get these. I decided against the city tiles, although they are pretty good value at £20. I just felt I didn’t have a need for them.

Other things done today are a pond from 3DAlienworlds. Yes I bought a pond, complete with fish and turtles! I also printed off another wooden fence for the shrine and completed the second of four bits for my daughters mask (the next lot are 20 odd hours to print).

Ooh look… A pond!
Parts of the mask

6 thoughts on “Printing Things

  1. I like this. I hadn’t previously thought about 3D printing of hexagonal tiles. I remember GW had a set out (Mighty Empires?) but it was always too expensive for me as I would have wanted 5-6 boxes. This provides a great alternative and way more flexibility!

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    1. Totally agree Dave. I had the original card Mighty Empire tiles. These cost £20 for the files and I can print as many as I want. Filament is about £20 for a kg. I reckon I would get an awful lot of hexagons for my outlay.

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