Tonight I finished the last piece of the shrine and decided to glue it all together.

So this is where I got to. Gaps to fill etc, but it is all glued together now. The base bits are all glued together the things on it are just in position.

The next thing to do is to decide whether or not to put a wall around it or put it into some kind of natural terrain. He idea is that the far bit will always be separated to allow for more flexibility. I tried the teahouse on it and it like kind of funky on there.

I do really like this set. It has combined well with the other ones to make something different.

The other thing I did was to print some nobori for the army. I went for a plain pair, a Mori clan pair with a triple mon and a Hokosawa clan pair with a single mon.

They are probably a bit on the large side for the 15mm. The stand certainly makes them look huge. They don’t look too bad next to a figure without the stand.

I never did get anything painted tonight. The glueing of the shrine took longer than I expected.

I hopefully will get onto the Ashigaru tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Putting the Shrine Together

  1. I think the shrine looks much better with the extra bit connected by the bridge and I think I’d leave it without a wall round it! 🙂 Yay, Mori clan! My Dixon Miniatures samurai are all Mori clan, probably because it was the easiest mon I could find to paint freehand!

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  2. I agree with John that the Shrine setup looks even better now. I like the nobori a lot as well. Those will look really sharp once painted up. Every time you post some new stuff like this, you get me excited to see what everything looks like painted up! Don’t make us wait too long 🙂

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    1. Yeah I know… a bit of a tricky one. Without the wall will make it more portable, but they probably would be separated by some form of wall or fence… perhaps the hedge around the top would work.

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