I managed to get all the bits printed today…. well that isn’t exactly true… I finished printing all of the bits today. Each bit takes a good old while. The centre bit, for example, takes 2 hours 48 minutes to do, the corner is speedy in comparison at only 38 minutes. I have become a bit anal in recording everything, but it is really handy to know how long a particular print will take…

I just hope I don’t lose this book…

As can be seen I write all the times down, it makes life easier knowing that I can go and do the horse and get back before a print finishes. Anyway enough of this jibber jabber… here is where I have got to with the shrine so far.

The rear left corner is finished too.

I am in two minds whether to put the building on the raised section or leave it off. A second thought I had was to build a separate raised section connected by a bridge. This other section would have the Buddha on it.

I will glue this lot together tomorrow sometime ready for undercoating.

I decided that I would purchase some more bits and pieces from 3DALIENWORLDS. So I am now the proud owner of some bridges, some ponds and the large banners that came out today. I have kickstarted a couple of STL makers, one is making some Mighty Empire style tiles and another is making some interesting roadways. Luckily I have managed to sell my Lizardmen to pay for my new addiction!

7 thoughts on “Working on the Shrine

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. The other thing I should have done is saved the files to the laptop. I delete the files off the memory stick so need to re-slice them every time I need it done again.


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