Today I printed some more rice paddies as opposed to some Irish poet. They are pretty basic to be honest due to their size but they do the job. I also printed lots of rice to go in them still another pile to do! Can you tell I am trying to use up the remains of the roll of filament?

I also printed the end for the big house. So that is the village complete. Well apart from all of the other things I am going to print such as more rice stores and cattle etc.

5 thoughts on “Paddy Fields

  1. I like those fields! Now . . . just the painting to do! And I suppose you could justify getting this into the “Paint The Crap You Own” challenge by claiming that you already had the filament spool before the start of the month! Brilliant! 😉

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  2. These look great! I would think if you space out the rows of crops, they should be really playable (if you’d like them to be, I could also see reasons why you wouldn’t want troops wading through them). Can’t wait to see all this terrain painted up 🙂

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      1. Ooh, do it, do it! That would make for an incredible looking table, especially with a surrounding village. It doesn’t get much cooler than that 🙂


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