No painting tonight, but some more printing done. Because I am a plonker, I built too many buildings and not enough wooden roofs… the answer make a smaller house and a bigger house with a thatched roof. Ok. I do need to print a couple of thatch ends, but I had the main centre but done anyway…

The larger house is below…

I reckon I will stop printing houses soon. I will try another veranda and shed though before I finish. Next up will be a few more paddy fields and a wooden fence or six. I am quite excited by this new project, but then again I get excited by all of my projects!

10 thoughts on “The Village Grows

    1. It all depends on the ethics. If I get it free then I don’t sell things, unless I pay part to the designers. There are resellers for most things out there, including these no doubt. They are hopefully better printed than mine 😂

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  1. This is really impressive and should make for an amazing project. Not that I didn’t already see the potential when you started painting the Samurai minis but now that I’m seeing all the terrain options you have, this is going to be a pretty amazing project!

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