So tonight I started on the cavalry. Gave one a start as a test to the single armour colour for a base and I think it looks ok. Still a fair bit to paint, but it is a start.

Probably shouldn’t have photographed red things on a red background!

I decided on different colours on the clothes, scabbards and horses as it gave them a bit of a different appearance. The Sashimono, once painted, will have the same pattern for each sub unit. Red would seem a suitable colour at this point 😂.

Next conundrum is whether I split them into two or three smaller clans.

Option one.. two units of thee and one of three…
Option two… a unit of three and a unit of four

I really can’t decide to be honest so any help greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow I am back to work after the Easter break. I am going in to sort out packs to send home to the kids. Most of my teaching will be done from home.

5 thoughts on “Samurai Cavalry

  1. I’d go with two units of two and one of three. A constant armour colour and different horse and clothing sounds about right. I’d go with at least two clans for flexibility in games, since clans can fight as allies or enemies. Of course I might just have said that to force you to paint different sashimonos and banners! My samurai are all Mori clan if I remember rightly!

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