Tonight I just did three minis from start to finish. I have decided that these would be some ronin. Not sure why, probably because they aren’t wearing helmets.

I painted each in different coloured armour, but made the clothing shades of grey to sort of down play the colours a bit. As for armour, one is in black, another in green and the one with the funky hairstyle is in red.

As can be seen I also finished the hero, apart from his second Sashimono which needs another coat of purple and then some form of mon on it.

All in all I am quite pleased with how these turned out. Tomorrow I will hopefully get some more done. Still undecided on all one colour or multi coloured armour like those above. The quickest will be all in one, but it may not be that historically accurate. Decisions, decisions… not sure which way to go.

I have the cavalry to paint now and as such there are pretty much half with bows and half with yari. I could do them as two different clans either as the same colour or just through their Sashimono…arrgggh I hate making decisions!

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