So today I printed my 120 x 90mm base for my allosaurus. I also spent ages finding various jungle/fantasy plants to go with the various bases.

I even designed a big base with multiple plants on it, but as it was going to take 8 hours plus to print then I thought sod it and just sliced various plants instead.

Anyway the base was a success, it is the same size as the GW one… so I will get it onto it tomorrow and then based up.

I then decided to print a tree thing… kept going back and It was taking forever! So after 4 and a half hours I went in and noticed that some of the support had fallen over, so after a bit of swearing I cancelled the print and took it off the plate. It was only then that two things struck me… then first was that it didn’t need supports and that second the actual print was perfect!

The tree that never was!

I will re slice it tomorrow, without the supports and hopefully get a nice tree out of it.

Didn’t get any painting done today as we played Journeys in Middle Earth. Four of us went on an adventure. I think it was a bit slow paced for my 9 year old but the girls and I enjoyed it.

We ended it, with Legolas and one of the others about to get their backsides kicked very hard by three nasty orkses.

4 thoughts on “3D Printer… User Error

  1. Glad to see you took some time for gaming. I know you mentioned how much you like Journeys in Middle Earth and I think that is a great way to take advantage of being cooped up inside!


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