Yes, I managed some actual painting tonight, okay not a huge amount, but at least I managed something.

The thing in the middle is a mummified Slann, problem is he us too small I think. You can’t really see him because he is still covered in supports. I went into the shed to check on the progress and it ended there and then. Problem was I forgot he was in three bits and as the nozzle suddenly left the print I though it had failed after 9 hours 40 minutes. Pillock that I am!

He does look exceptionally small compared to the other two. I printed him at 150% of the original file, but he still seems teeny, especially compared to the other two beside him. I will finish him off tomorrow and Monday (two lots of 4 hour prints) and then see what I think.

Thanks for the supportive messages yesterday. I really did appreciate them.

6 thoughts on “Printing and Painting

  1. Great to see you painting and feeling better. These are challenging times we live in but I hope you are able to continue to find joy in hobbying. If nothing else, it is a brief escape from the bleak news. I look forward to seeing the rest of the Slann and hopefully some more painted figures soon!

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  2. Hey mate I trust you are doing well up there mate, shit times all over at the moment, I’m not stuck indoors and I’m still working as I’m in essential( medical supplies ) so I have to be glad of that, my wife is working from home and coping well but the youngster is finding the confinement a bit unnerving, so chin up mate, at least you have summer coming, I have it going for what it was worth !

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    1. Cheers Pat, yeah things are going screwy at the minute. I went into Lerwick for the first time in a couple of weeks yesterday. It was a bit surreal. It was a Saturday morning but was like a Sunday afternoon out of season.

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