So, it looks like I am going to be in isolation for the next fourteen days. BoJo has decreed that anyone with a family member who has shown any signs of a temperature etc needs to self isolate for 14 days. I removed a carpet from the lounge yesterday which had been down 10 years, so as you can imagine it was a bit dusty under there. I had a bit of a cough with all the dust. Problem is, it is still there 30 hours after it got removed. Bugger springs to mind!

So I am now going to have to be a Head Teacher from home, luckily the schools are closed this week (and Probably next too). I was in there today with other staff. Thankfully I managed to get the home schooling pack out today. 👍

Sadly nothing got done hobby wise. My wife’s place of employment is probably going to shut down temporarily, so she has been trying to get press releases done ready for tomorrow and I have been trying to get my brain into gear. I had convinced myself that I was going to come out the other end of this unscathed, stupid I know, but it was probably my way of coping. Doctor has prescribed some medication for the panic attacks so that should help in the long run.

It is definitely a case of ‘May we live in interesting times’!

I tried the joint on this tonight and the superglue/Greenstuff seem to have done the trick. I will do some more on the joins tomorrow evening. The one on the back needs a bit more filling and then smoothing of with a fine sandpaper.

Tomorrow I hope to get this finished.

8 thoughts on “Guess Who has a Cough!

  1. I smiled to myself when I read “I tried the joint on this tonight” because it sounded like you were going to smoke something narcotic! Anyway, stay safe! As an aside, I seem to be unable to “like” some people’s posts (including yours and Mark Morin’s) although I can “like” comments! So just ’cause I don’t like your posts doesn’t mean you’re being shunned, it’s probably me being stupid (happens all the time)! 🙂

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  2. Hope you feel better soon! I started getting some aches and thought that I might be coming down with Coronavirus but it disappeared as soon as it began so I think I narrowly avoided it. Hopefully some extra rest and hobby time will cure all ills!


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