As suspected the top of the head armour has completely come adrift…

I swore!

So I got the two bits superglued together and then added some Greenstuff to the gaps on both the armour and the throne.

Interestingly, as I guessed the cracks are at exactly the same height…

Can you guess where the fault lines were?

Once this lot has cured, I will get some more added… especially to the bottom… guess which pillock snapped it off when removing the supports!


The body for the mega-Beasty is going to take 22 hours to print. For this reason I want to make sure that the above doesn’t happen mid print. If I get time this week I will relieved the bed and also check the nozzle and filament to make sure there is no problem there. I can also increase the spring tension on the extruder to ensure the cogs are biting into the filament properly as they feed it through the Bowden tube to the nozzle.

If it weren’t for the cracks I am really pleased with the prints

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