Had another one of those days today, nothing in particular, that has made me wonder WTF I did going for this job. It was what I thought I wanted, but I am now wondering if it was ‘the grass is greener‘ or that I disliked the previous job so much that anything seemed better. Anyway enough of my snivelling and whining… you want to know how far a smidge is…. well not a great deal really!

I managed to get the strap work painted in a fashion. I will need to get some white over the top of it on the other side especially where the turquoise covered the straps. That shouldn’t be too much of a job I hope.

I hope to feel in a bit better frame of mind tomorrow and will get some more done.

We have archery on Sunday so that will hopefully put a smile on my face.. (to be fair the kids in the school keep me smiling). But I thought I would show you a pic from last week…

Bow needs to me more vertical… self taught longbow is the cause of this!

I have been doing archery with the kids in school too. Just little 8lb bows and arrows with suckers in the end, but they do seem to be enjoying it. We talked about safety first and then this image popped up on my feed…

Until tomorrow folks… seeya!

4 thoughts on “Big Beasty… a smidge done

  1. I hear ya on all fronts. Job, hobby, weather, other activities. I think it’s this time of year. On another note. I love the archery updates. I’ve been toying with getting back into archery (not that I was that heavily into it, but the boys had a summer or two when they were pre-teens). It’s something that I could do in the backyard and is easier that finding a gaggle of fencers to get back into swashbuckling!
    I’m still loving your bold choices for your Lizzardman army!

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  2. Chin up Steve, when you see my lizard you will be really happy ! NAh it will probably just make you shake your head and say “why does he bother “!
    Then again there is the archery with the kids ,I’m sure that will put the spring back into your nimble footwork! and don’t forget summer is not far away,it bypassed us down here so you are bound to have a great one !


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