I actually ended up coming home earlier as our geese had gone wandering down the stream and were about 600m from where they should be.

This mission involved piling along there in the 4 wheel drive as it has leather seats and can get closer down the track to where they were. After a bit of a false start we got them both.

On the way to the car…

My wife and daughter had one each in the vehicle. We were nearly home when the gander stuck his head next to my ear and honked extremely loudly.

A second or two before the honk of doom!

we were nearly home when the poohnami hit! You wouldn’t believe how much crap can fit in a pair of geese.

They are now back where they should be, I can hear them honking in the darkness.

So tonight I decided to think about the colours of the big Beasty. I had decided on a yellow underside and was thinking blue or purple when I inadvertently picked up ‘Terradon Turquoise’. I thought what the heck, and gave it a go. I am really pleased that I did as I really like it.

I will consider what colour to do the eye crests as well as the face flash.

Next thing I have to do is to either print a base, make one out of EPVC or get Martin of Dragon Frog Games (https://www.dragonfroggames.co.uk/) to print me one. Luckily we game together at the club so there won’t be postage costs 😉.

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