No painting tonight, but I did have a productive evening nonetheless.

My order came from Geek Gaming today so I had a mooch at it. I ordered the woodland range as I am wanting stuff for my lizards.

They do look good, but seemed a little dark. My daughter and I decided to test them out on 2p’s

We had a fair few to try out, some were from Geek gaming and others were ones I had had for ages.

We had forest paths, forest floor and rugged fields from Geek gaming and unfortunately the other ones didn’t have names on them but they were from Serious Play.

This above is an overview of them… The following top two rows are from right to left

Rugged fields, forest floor then forest paths. The bottom three were us mixing them up a bit.

The first two on the left below are the Serious play ones. We then did a bit more mixing by adding some light green into the mix you can see the effect above.

We decided that the serious play mix was the best and we would do a bit of a bigger test. We haven’t decided on which to go for, but the green certainly added a bit more colour to the mix.

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