Tonight I had training and then had to pick my daughter up from her drama so I really didn’t have time, or rather inclination, to paint anything. So instead I built things…

We have a couple of cold ones, which to be brutally honest I think look a bit naff compared to the older velociraptor looking ones. The skink is posed on the BB and I also decided to build the saddle for the hero. I decided to build it just to see if it would fit on the dinosaurs I have… and look at that. It actually fits perfectly.

Okay it isn’t as big and impressive as the GW one but it would mean I have another Big Beasty in my army. Obviously I would give it a respray. I reckon I have another theropod or two knocking around the place which may work too. If I got him on the same sized base as the blue one he might look a bit bigger (if that makes sense).

Tomorrow I hope to finish off the rest of the Cold Ones.

Today, on the way to work, I had a bit of a run in with some nature. I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and realised a red grouse was flying alongside the car. I slowed down and the bloody thing darted in front of the windscreen. As it was icy I couldn’t slam on the brakes so we had a few moments of his bum feathers touching my windscreen before he veered off and I slowed down enough.

Here he is… I wound the window down and he went ballistic, it was almost as if he was swearing at me…

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