So tonight I am sitting looking at the different versions of the bases. I have to come up with some form of decision about what my bases are going to look like. The dog very kindly removed herself from her bed, which meant that I can have a proper look at them in a better light.

The options are shown above. The Geek Gaming ones are nice and will be useful for making terrain etc but I really don’t think they will work for the lizard bases. That basically leaves the Serious Play ones.

I had a closer look at the mixed ones and I think it is going to go down to either one of them.

I am edging towards the darker one of the two on the left of the picture.

The real question now is do I mix up a big batch by throwing all of the green into the darker colour or do I do smaller batches??? Luckily I have three bags of the green so I can certainly add a lot. As I said I do like it so could probably use it for other things.

I am going to build the rest of the cold ones tonight and get them sprayed tomorrow morning. That will probably be the limit of my hobby work as I am learning to play bowls tomorrow afternoon (I have some indoor bowls equipment in the school and thought I might as well set up a club) and straight after that I have to head up to the North of the island for a leaving party for a friend, (colleague and manager too over the years). She is deserting me to take up a headship south and I really will miss her.

I have three of the cold ones built, so I reckon I will manage another five this evening. Wish me luck as I am absolutely buggered this evening.

7 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I choose the left basing combination before I read your choice! I like the contrast within the grass colors! How many bases do you have? If not many, perhaps find an assembly line construction for each base – that way you can keep the grasses to their respective storage containers and still be able to custom mix in the future.
    Good luck!

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      1. Back in the day, I did a 1500 point WHFB army for the little-ist boy (now almost 24, man am I old?!) and there were tons of skinks along with the big lizardmen! I think there were close to 50 minis!

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  2. I’m tending to agree with you on using the darker colours for the base, that way the brightly coloured lizards should stand out more. If the base is too bright it risks reducing the impact of the model. Both look good though 🙂

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