So tonight I decided to try and get this finished. It was mainly the metalwork and collar decoration.

John suggested a darker colour for the collar so I went with the Tin Bitz. I thought it looked good, so a lot of the metalwork was done with this and Dwarf Bronze. Some gold was used on the dangling decorations.

I still need to do something with the teeth as they pretty much blend in with the yellow. Apart from that and the base I am calling this pretty much done (may do some highlighting). I just have to work out with what.

Next up will be the skink rider so that I can get it finished.

13 thoughts on “Big Beasty Finished…Almost

  1. The bright colors make this cold-blooded beast look very striking! Very impressive work and you might go for a ivory color on those teeth since you’ve already got yellow-ish tones on his belly. I look forward to seeing him all based and ready!

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