So today I went to work (sorry John) just made it through the day and got back to find shiny things.

I took the photos but really couldn’t be arsed to actually have a proper look.

I backed this on Kickstarter a good while ago and totally forgot about it. So it was like a surprise present to myself 👍

Each player plays a goblin who has to go out into the Miremarsh to to get gold and compete to complete the various missions. The top minis are the various goblins and some nasty denizens of the swamp. Bottom is more nasties. To the right are some locations where you can buy upgrades (hence the need for gold) and finally on the left is the fen Lord .

The miniatures are lovely. I could have got various other bits and pieces but as with most things didn’t have the cash when needed.

So that is everyone in here feeling cack now. My Eldest came home from school today too.

Unclean, Unclean!

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