As I was fiddling about with printer and had it pulled out, I thought I might as well change the extruder as I had one sitting there. It was a simple job of undoing 4 screws switching the bits and screwing the screws back up again.

This is the effect over time on the entry for the filament….

Over time the slightly abrasive filament starts to cut into the entry hole (seen as a dark arch above) the added friction slows down the speed that the filament comes out the other end causing some under extrusion.

The print bed has developed a bit of a wobble. It looks like something needs tightening underneath.

So after all of the shenanigans, it is still playing silly buggers and I have come close to belting it with an axe today. It just won’t print, the only bit on the extruder that I didn’t change was the ridged cog. Everything seems to be working fine but nothing is printing properly. I think I will start again from scratch levelling the bed tomorrow.

I will drop the temperature 5 degrees too, in case it is too hot. I had the bloody thing working fine, so I should be able to do so again.

It has defeated me today, but I shall fight on tomorrow!

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