Tonight I really could not be bothered to paint anything, so instead I redid some of the meeple bits and pieces on Cura.

I redid the orks, they are printing now. The other thing I attempted was a vertical 2 sided room. This is 9cm square by 3mm wide. Every time I tried this before it failed. Luckily this time we had success!

This, as I said is double sided and it works well with the rest of the things I have printed…

I do think it will make a nice, extensive dungeon once I get everything printed.

I am pleased to say that the orks have come out loads better. I increased their infil to 25% and it has made a difference.

There does seem to be a bit of a weird delamination on the edge of the shield and on the arm of the ork holding the axe, but at least they are solid now.

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