Earlier today I printed off some more corridors for the meeple game…

They came out okay, took five hours to print the three of them but on the upside the bump in the middle seems to have disappeared, or at least reduced.

The top two are the original ones.

The new bed certainly helped, but to make sure I shoved a ‘post it’ note under the middle to raise it up a smidge.

I had a bit of a stressy day, more if that later, but I did manage to get some more paint on the Uruk.

As for the stress…Today, you probably heard the swearing from wherever you live. My good lady asked me to change the bath taps and I went forward with good humour (okay that’s a lie). I muttered, grumbled and definitely made a fuss.

Good job I did because it became a right bastard. Our bathroom is just wide enough for a bath and a toilet. The sink has to sit at the end of the bath so really not much room to manoeuvre, or take bath taps off evidently. When I replaced the original bathroom, the bath went in first…. therefore getting the taps off was problematic. I managed to get the hot tap off, the one furthest away, but the cold wouldn’t come off. Not sure why but in the end I had to use the angle grinder to cut the thing off. This is where I learned that angle grinders cut through brass taps and into fingers when they jump.

To get into the bath we thought we were going to have to remove the toilet cistern, so we started to undo it, unfortunately the connector wouldn’t come off either so we ended up with a bit of a leak.

All in all the twenty minute job took about 4 hours. Next time I get a plumber outūü§¨.

But to cheer myself up I managed to blag a copy of this…

Not too bad really £2.99 for thirteen miniatures. Part of me wants to get another one. I am not interested in the stormcast miniatures but the chainrasps are a useful undead addition to various games.

We have eventually finished our Lord of the Ringsathon. It is either going to be Pirates of the Caribbean or the original Star Wars Trilogy.

6 thoughts on “Uruk Hai, Printers, Bathrooms and New Toysm

  1. Sorry to hear about your plumbing mishap.

    I bought a set of the mortal realams too- purely for conversions. I have some ideas in mind for them. I actually bought 4 sets as three sets will be going to my nephews, one each so there are no arguements.



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  2. Ha Ha mate you are the lucky one,we have two bathrooms and I have had to renovate both of them, and like you, things never went to plan! The paintings coming along nicely, always a good stress reliever I say.

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