As mentioned yesterday, the first fire festival of the year takes place today in the original capital of Shetland.

I always go to the Scalloway one as it is my friend’s birthday round about it and we stand at their house and watch the procession go by… Tonight we duly parked up and set off walking to my mates, only takes five minutes but it was rather windy and rainy. We got to his about six thirty and waited for the firework to tell us they were ready to start at 19.00. We heard the bang, got our coats on and went outside expecting to see the torches being lit… not a one in sight. Due to the high winds and rain they re routed it. So there are no pics of burning torches and a galley being torched or anything else like that. However I thought I would send a pic of the sea in the wind the other day.

I blagged if off Facebook…

This was taken on the tombolo at St. Ninian’s. The people are stood on the sand in the photo below.

Hardly a wonder that we hadn’t had a ferry for a good few days. (It left three hours early today, to avoid the worst of the wind).

Today, however there was some nice news, The delivery driver turned up around half four with my new base plates for the printer. It was just a simple task of removing t(e old one and then replacing it with the new. it came off eventually!

On the upside the new one looks rather smart…

For some reason the bed would not level for ages, but I got there in the end. I am seriously beginning to think that the metal base plate has a dip in the middle as I can get the edges dialled in spot on, but the middle is always just a little too high.

Anyway I needed a test print, so as these were stored on the usb card I gave them another go.

I compared the original prints (top) to the new one (below)…

As can be seen, the bottom ones are a lot better (apart from the top of the first one). I will resolve these and give them some more top and bottom layers to help with the missing layers, either that or give them a bit higher infil. I think this was pretty low.

The wind outside is howling, the rain is hammering on the roof and windows but this was this morning as I parked at work…

Red sky in the morning… shepherd’s warning….

Hopefully I will paint something tomorrow.

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