There was no painting tonight during the Two Towers part 1. Instead I decided to tidy up the Wargs and riders…

I cracked open the Greenstuff and hid the joint lines along the leg and shoulder and across the rear. I bought these years ago from Ebay and have eventually got around to making a Start in them.

I will get the Greenstuff undercoated tomorrow and see if I can find any more in any of my hiding places. I also had a hunt on Ebay for some of the LOTR wood elves and there seem to be none. I have enough Uruk Hai for a whole army. Some more bow armed ones would be good too.

Well I just went on a Foray to both Sheds and I can’t find anything (apart from gazillions of Uruk). I did manage to just about freeze my nadgers off. Gale force winds and hail is not a good combination by anyone’s standards. I must admit I thought I had more than three of these Wargs.

So, although the Hobbit film Wargs are more like they should be, It might look a bit weird mixing up the two.

I may have to give you all a warming story tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “Furry Wargs

  1. They look great so far. I have about 16 or 20 or something of them, and I know there’s no way I’d be able to make myself sculpt fur on that many of the damned things – even though your post shows just how much better they look with it…

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